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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Attract a new job

Job Affirmations to attract a job and to improve work conditions
Use these guidelines to attract your perfect job and to improve conditions of your current job.
Job is such a great thing. It allows us to find our role in the economy. Being a mom is also a job. Your job is your divine idea.
Louise Hay says that you can always have a successful job if you change the way you think about work.
If you hate your current job then you will never be able to find a better job. By hating your job you are attracting another job that is also hateful.
By hating your current boss or coworkers or customers you are attracting more hate in your life. You need to learn to be appreciative of your current conditions.
To truly enjoy your current job or to attract more enjoyable job you must start thinking with different belief system.
If you love your current job you will attract another loving job. If you will love your boss you will attract another loving boss.
If you already have a job then bless it with love. You are at this job because you attracted it by your previous thinking. Consider it as a stepping stone in your career for a great position that you desire.
Your life mirrors your thoughts, so if you hate your boss’s behavior there are some thoughts in you that attracted this. Learn to change these thoughts.
You will never find your work a pleasure if you hate your job or you can’t stand your current boss. That’s a terrible affirmation. It will be impossible for you to attract a great job with that belief system.
If you want to enjoy your time at work then you must change your thinking.
If you change your thinking to positive thinking about your job, your job will respond with positivity.
How to make relationships at work smoother?
Whatever I give out comes back to me multiplied is true everywhere including at work.
In the workplace it is important to know that every employee and employer has been attracted by the action of love for it’s his and her divine right place here in now at this point and place.
Say these affirmations for better working conditions:
ü I love and respect myself
ü I bless my job with love.
ü I love and respect my coworkers.
ü I love and respect my boss.
ü Divine harmony permeates us all and we can all flow together in the workplace in the most productive and joyous way.
ü No matter where I am there is only infinite good, infinite wisdom, infinite harmony and love
Be grateful for everything about your job:
The list can be:
I love and bless and grateful for
my boss, my coworkers, my office, my desk, my chair, my pen or pencil, my computer, my mouse, my printer, my keypad, my email, my screen, my mouse pad, the floor, the carpet, the ceiling, the lights, the ac/heater, the bathroom, the door, even the door knobs, the elevator, the building, the security, the id card, the security guards for protecting you all the time, the stairs or the escalator, the lounge, the chairs in the lounge that let you sit comfortably, the main gate or entrance, security guards there, etc. The list can go on.
It may sound silly to be grateful for such small details but trust me I have not been very thorough. When you start being grateful every small detail then you attract more of it. You forget the imperfections and you become happy and joyful.
Louise Hay says that always bless your job with love every person, place and thing at workplace.
If you are a boss, supervisor, owner, or manager do not berate others. It may not come back to you right away but you will create resent in your employees.
You can never get the best work out of your employees if they are frightened or resentful. Think of it this way would you like to be frightened and still give your best to your work. Frightened employees will do the work because they are afraid that if they mess up they will get berated again but they will never give you their best. They will be afraid to be creative. They will generate resentful vibrations in their surroundings that your business may suffer. This way although they did not berate you they have hurt you back.
Appreciate and encourage your employees and they respond to you with so much more creativity and positivity than you ever thought of.
If you are a business owner you may want to check my Business Affirmation section to attract great employees.
If you lost your job please do not give up or feel let down. This is just one speed breaker in your life. What matters is what kind of car you are using. If your car has a great engine you can easily cross this speed breaker. If you decide to let go of this job with love, you will lovingly attract another job. Universe cannot keep a vacuum. When something has gone something else will replace it with love. Same way you will attract another job.
Do not believe that it is hard to get a job. You always get what you believe. You only need one job and it is easy for you to find a job.
Affirmations to attract a new job:
ü It’s easy for me to find a job
ü I now lovingly attract a perfect job
ü The perfect job is looking for me and we are being brought together right now.
ü When it is time for a new job, the perfect position presents itself easily
ü Opportunities are everywhere, I have unlimited choices
ü I deserve to have a successful career and I accept it now.
ü No matter where I am there is only infinite good, infinite wisdom, infinite harmony and love
Don’t have faith in fear. Release your fears and know that Universe is taking care of you.
Louise Hay says that when you hear of negative trends in the business or in the economy immediately affirm “that may be true for some but it is not true for me, I always prosper no matter where I am or what is going on”.
There can be problems and questions at your workplace. Be willing to learn from any discord or confusion as it comes up.
Louise Hay says that it is important to release all blame and turn within to seek the truth and be willing to release whatever pattern is in your consciousness that has contributed to the situation.
Many times we assume our bosses to be mean and that turn out to be truth. It is only because we visualize them to berate us. Try to visualize your boss as very happy with your input. Visualize him or her praising you and appreciating your efforts.
Know that you are successful in all that you do. Affirm this before starting any project.
You are inspired and productive.
You serve others, willingly and gladly.
When you know and declare that it is possible to successfully operate in the workplace according to the divine principles then divine love brings to you those who can be helped at that which you so lovingly do. You will receive many opportunities and you will be successful in them.
If you like your job but you feel you are not getting paid enough then bless your current salary with love. Be grateful for what you receive and you will receive more.
Do not bitch about the job or the coworkers. You have attracted this job, this situation and you can attract a better job. Talk only positive things about your job. When one of the coworkers of my father was demoted he looked at the positive side of that position. He was demoted from being and inspector to a guard. He had his work schedule between 5.30 am and 1 pm during winter storm. He kept telling everybody how amazing it was to have an early shift because it meant that he could spend time with his family. He could go to pick up his kids from school. Within a very short amount of time he was transferred to a much better position that he truly deserved.
Before going to work every day do a meditation exercise. You can find tips about meditation in the meditation section. Allow your mind to be free and open to a great working day. Sit comfortably and concentrate on your breath and count numbers. As you slip away from your awareness of your breath keep coming back to it. Do it for at least 10 minutes to attract an open and loving day.
Do the affirmations daily.
You may also watch this video for visualization.


  1. It's lovely but I can't read so quickly enough to visualise it. It's running too fast.

    The colour for example dark purple on black (background) makes it difficult to read.

    Apart from that, it looks amazing:)

    1. Hi Sanjela, Thank you for your comment.

      I have update the video, I hope you enjoy it :-)

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  4. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! This is inspirational and just what I needed to watch.

  5. Iam in the same situation, after reading this it makes to feel light. Thank you so much and hope it will work. I will also deserve what i want.

    Thanks with lot of love